Here you will find Addendums and Solicitations relating to the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority

Open Bids

RFP only to prequalified group of consultants

01-RFP P-11-19-21ARHA Development Partners For The Ladrey Redevelopment

02- Attachment A - Form Of Proposal

03-Attachment D - Non-Collusive Affidavit

04-Attachment E - Equal Employment Opportunity Certification Form HUD-92...

05-Attachment F - Section III Compliance Clause and Commitment Form

06-Attachment G - Certification for Business Concerns Seeking Section 3

07-Attachment H - Eligibility for Preference

08-Attachment I - Minority Business and Section III Participation Commit...

09-Attachment J - Contractor's Certification Regarding Subcontractors

10-Attachment K - Client References

11-Attachment L - Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number

12-Attachment O - Supplemental Terms and Conditions of the Contract

13-Attachment AA - Title Report Admin Bldg

14-Attachment AB - Torti_Concept-Presentation

15-Attachment AC - Section 18 Approval LADREY

16-Attachment AD - Title Report Annie B Rose

17-Attachment AE - ARHA Alexandria Entitlement Narrative HCM

18-Attachment AF - Title Report Ladrey

19-Attachment AG - Ladrey Emergency Vehicle Easement 1975

20-Attachment AH - Site Plan Exhibits - Ladrey

21-Attachment AI - Ladrey Resident Demographics Mar2021

22-Attachment AJ - Hazmat Materials Survey

23-Attachment AK - Resolution 2876 (04.2019)

Addendum 1 RFP P11-19-21

Addendum 2 RFP P-11-19-21

Addendum 2 – Attachment 2-A6

Addendum 2 – Attachment 2-A7

Addendum 2 – Attachment 2-A8

Addendum 2 – Attachment 2-A9

Addendum 2 – Attachment 2-A13

Addendum 2 – Attachment 2-A14

Addendum 2 – Attachment 2-A15

Addendum 2 Attachment 1-A

Addendum 2 Attachment 1-B

Addendum 2 – Attachment 2-SP1


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