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The mission of the ARHA Resident Association (ARA) is to improve the quality of life for the residents of ARHA properties and participate in self-help initiatives to enable residents to create a positive living environment for their families. This is accomplished through advocating for, informing, empowering, organizing, and mobilizing the residents of ARHA properties.  ARA also serves as a liaison between ARHA and the residents and it organizational goals are outlined below.

  • Ensure that the resident association is viable and representative of the residents who elect its officers;

  • Partner with community organizations to maintain a safe community;

  • Promote programs that provide improved employment, educational, recreational and social service opportunities;

  • Obtain official recognition from ARHA and HUD as a resident council pursuant to HUD regulations;

  • Represent  resident interests and cooperate with other resident councils or associations under ARHA’s umbrella; and

  • Discuss resident concerns with ARHA staff and other community stakeholders.

Local ARHA Property Housing Council Presidents are listed below.

  • Chatham Square  -  Henrietta Johnson

  • Saxony Square   -  Cassandra Lewis

  • Hopkins-Tancil  -  Tonecka Jackson

  • Old Dominion  -  Harriett Green

  • Old Town Commons  -  Janeka Cogdell

  • Andrew Adkins  -  Christine Smith

  • Radford & Bradford  -  Kia Terry

  • Miller Homes  -  Shanelle Gayden 

  • West Glebe  -  Toni Rowland

  • Pendleton Park  -  Barbara Edwards

  • S. Reynolds  -  Tawanda Hubbard

  • Quaker Hill  -  Crystal Farrington

  • Princess Square  -  Wonell Wesley

The ARHA Resident Association meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month at 1013 Montgomery Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. For more information, please email at

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