Facilities FAQ


ARHA owns and manages 754 affordable housing units, and 165 project-based vouchers and 169 market rate units at 17 sites within the City of Alexandria. In order to manage the logistics related to the maintenance and operation of these sites, residents, staff, and the general public, have access to ARHA’s 24/7 maintenance line. During business hours, the maintenance line is answered by ARHA staff and after hours by an on call service. 

Routine work orders are responded to in chronological order. Preventive maintenance work orders are scheduled for the periods when, historically, the numbers of maintenance calls are at the lowest level, unless the work order is related to periodical or seasonal conditions.



(For fire, police, or medical emergencies, please call 911)

An emergency maintenance request is something that could result in considerable property damage, and/or threatens the health and/or safety of someone.  Some examples are as follows:

  • Gas leak or toxic fumes
  • Sparking or downed wires
  • Inoperable smoke detector
  • No heat (seasonal)
  • Inoperable elevators
  • Damaged entrance doors
  • Power outage
  • Lockouts/lock changes
  • Loss of refrigeration
  • Severe water leaks



  • Faucet drips, running toilets, and leaks should be reported immediately because they cause additional expenses on the water bill.
  • Showers use less water than baths.  Don’t leave the water running while doing dishes, fill the sink, wash and then rinse the dishes.
  • Setting your thermostat at a comfortable setting and leaving it alone will save on your utility bill instead of turning the thermostat up and down.
  • Keep your shades closed in the summer to prevent direct sunlight from entering your apartment/townhouse; this will keep the apartment cooler.
  • When you are not watching television, turn it off.  If you are leaving the room turn the lights out.


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