Strategic Plan

In June of 2010 in consultation with the City of Alexandria, the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) engaged MD Strum Housing Services, Inc. in assisting ARHA in developing a long term Strategic Plan. This plan designed for the next five plus years will help guide the agency in refining and creating an operational road map with strategies that shape the  Mission, Vision, Goals and Resources for providing affordable housing in today’s environment.    Objectives of the Strategic Planning process include having a community process that allows for a long term Plan that results from being developed through input and consensus; presents a clear mission and vision; has appropriate goals and objectives; and has workable strategies that maximize opportunities; promote sustainability and benefits; and has been integrated with existing city and neighborhood plans, and agreements. 

Mission – The Strategic Plan will further refine  ARHA’s mission is to prove affordable housing opportunities for low-income families in Alexandria.  Further it seeks to increase the availability of affordable housing by maintaining, upgrading and redeveloping our housing stock and preserving other affordable housing.

Vision – Through several open community meetings and Board Retreats ARHA’s vision will be shaped to be a leader in providing, preserving and expanding quality affordable housing in Alexandria.  We envision a community where low-income residents have a choice of sustainable and high quality affordable housing that is physically, socially and economically integrated with the surrounding neighborhoods.

Goals - ARHA goals of creating an environment where the resident population can aspire to achieve self-sufficiency and self-determination thereby leading to an improved quality of their life will be formulated. It hopes to increase the level of prosperity among disadvantage individuals and businesses resulting from a commitment to economic empowerment.   As a business organization ARHA’s goal is to be a well-established and key partner in a collaborative community approach toward the provision of a range of affordable housing options in Alexandria.  ARHA finally has a goal of having the full capacity to meet future affordable housing and related needs of the community far into the future.

THE PLAN - Towards achieving the above there are four (4) major components of the Strategic Plan are: Social, Economic, Physical, and Resources.


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