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Section 18 Repositioning
Frequently Asked Questions
April 2019

What is Section 18 & Why is it Needed?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has invited ARHA to use the Section 18 process to reposition its public housing properties. Through this process HUD wants to preserve public housing by providing more stable funding to make needed improvements to properties. Section 18 will allow ARHA to improve its routine maintenance on your units by providing additional subsidy through the Section 8 program.

Across the city ARHA needs more than $34.5 million to make the needed repairs on all our public housing units. However, each year HUD awards us only $1.2 million for these projects. HUD refers to these repair costs as capital needs. Congress has not provided enough funding for Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) across the country to keep up with capital needs. As a result, ARHA has had to make tough choices between things like repairing roofs and replacing plumbing. The Section 18 initiative provides ARHA a way to renovate or repair units without depending on additional money from Congress.

Your unit is currently funded with a Section 9 subsidy and the Section 18 repositioning would convert it to a Section 8 project based subsidy. The additional funding through the Section 8 subsidy will allow ARHA to aggressively improve the living conditions in your unit and at your public housing site.

How does a Section 18 Repositioning Work?

The Section 18 program will allow ARHA to convert your unit’s current Section 9 subsidy to a project based Section 8 funding contract. The Section 8 funding contract is not given to the household, it is tied to your specific property. The Section 8 contract is renewable and lasts 15-20 years.

The Section 8 contracts are stable funding sources and allow ARHA to more easily borrow money to make improvements to your units that are essential for preserving affordable housing in Alexandria. ARHA’s staff is working on the application and is hoping to hear back from HUD in the fall of 2019.

Will the Section 18 Repositioning Affect my Housing Assistance or Rent?

You will not lose your housing assistance because of a Section 18 repositioning. Your rent will continue to be the same as it is under public housing – no more than 30% of your household’s gross income. Under the Section 8 program the same deductions will apply.

Will I have to move for the Section 18 Repositioning?

You will not have to move because of a Section 18 repositioning. We will try to accommodate requests for under-housed and over-housed households. Your unit will remain the same unless it is scheduled for redevelopment.

Will I have to sign a new lease for the Section 8 unit?

Yes, since in the Section 8 program the unit receives the subsidy, everyone will have to sign a Project Based Voucher (PBV) lease and be certified for the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP). With the newly signed Section 8 lease, all Section 8 rules will apply to you and to your unit.

How Can Residents be involved in the Section 18 repositioning Process?

As ARHA prepares an application to HUD for the Section 18 repositioning, it is engaging all residents with resident meetings. These meetings are an opportunity for residents to discuss the proposed conversion plans with ARHA, ask questions, raise any concerns and provide comments.

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