Parking Reminder for ARHA Properties

*******PARKING REMINDER*******

Please be sure to check the parking stickers in your vehicle on a regular basis.  All parking passes expire yearly, and it is YOUR responsibility to update them in a timely manner, with no exceptions. 

Parking Sticker Towing Information:

  1. Parking stickers must be affixed to the front right corner of the windshield. If the sticker is not properly placed, your vehicle will be towed.
  2. Parking stickers cannot be taped to the window they must be properly adhered.
  3. Should there be a need to replace your parking sticker due to the purchase of a new vehicle, the original sticker must be removed from the original vehicle registered and brought into the office. There will be a replacement fee of $50.00.
  4. All vehicles with an ARHA parking permit must maintain proper registration and inspection stickers. If not, the vehicle will be towed.
  5. Your parking pass is only valid for the property that you reside.  If you park on any other ARHA property without a visitor pass, you will be towed.


Failure to abide by the above listed Parking Rules and Regulations will be subject to the vehicle being towed at owner’s expense.

If your vehicle is towed it is your financial responsibility to regain your vehicle.

How to Obtain a Permanent Parking Sticker:

  1. You must present a driver’s license and vehicle registration at the time the parking sticker is requested. Requests can be made at the ARHA main office at 401 Wythe Street, Alex. VA 22314.
  2. Vehicle must be registered to the address of the ARHA unit.
  3. New move-ins will be issued a temporary parking permit. Once issued the resident has 15 business days to submit the vehicle registration and driver’s license.
  4. Residents may submit a copy of the vehicle registration and their driver’s license via email at
  5. No permits will be granted for commercial vehicles, which are, self-propelled or towed vehicles used in commerce principally to transport passengers or cargo. If your vehicle is used for both personal and commercial purposes, permits will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


How to Obtain a Visitors Parking Permit (only for properties with available space):

  1. Visitors must submit registration for the vehicle in order to receive a parking permit.
  2. A visitor permit can be issued for no longer than 15 business days.
  3. The request must include the full name and address of the unit’s head of household.
  4. Visitors may submit the vehicle registration via email at


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