ARHA CEO takes a tour of the Ramsey Home Development


On September 5th 2019, ARHA’s CEO, Keith Pettigrew, toured ARHA’s Ramsey Homes construction site with Project Manager, Sarah Scott. They walked the site to review the progress of the concrete placement and waterproofing of the exterior foundation walls. With 80% of Ramsey’s foundations poured and the shoring underway for the first floor deck, ARHA is excited about the project’s movement and the work of the General Contractor, Carlson Construction.  “Ramsey Homes will not only preserve the 15 units that were on the site before construction, but will also add 37 new affordable housing units for the City of Alexandria” stated Keith Pettigrew.


The new Ramsey Homes building will include 52 apartments and 32 underground parking spaces. The building will have one-, two- and three-bedroom units.  Adjacent to this four-story building will be a 6,000 square feet park for use by the Ramsey residents and the public in general. Construction of Ramsey Homes will be complete in Spring 2020.

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