Alexandria Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Company Summary


VIRGINIA HOUSING DEVELOPMENT LLC (“VHDLLC”) was formed in 2010, by the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) through Resolution 471 for the purposes of developing and managing affordable housing projects designated by ARHA.  It is essentially the ARHA Department of Development.  By pulling the development function out of the ARHA structure, the Central Office costs are decreased and the development arm supports itself.  It is intended that the VHDLLC will grow into its ultimate mission. The VHD LLC mission is to profitably build a diverse development-related service practice, capable of both developing and managing high margin public-private development projects anywhere in the US and providing program management related services for mixed-finance, mixed-use, and/or mixed-income affordable housing development, in addition to providing consulting services related to grant writing, tax credit consulting, physical asset management, long-term planning of capital expenditures, and portfolio positioning.

The business plan for the development corporation, VHD LLC, is integral to, and therefore being developed in conjunction with, our overall strategic plan. The business plan for VHD LLC is subject to the finalization of the ARHA strategic plan.

Coming Soon!  Illustrations and photos of project in planning, projects in process and projects in process.