Alexandria Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) FAQ #89


What type of housing assistance is offered by ARHA’s HCV Program?

The Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s (ARHA) HCV program administers two (2) subsidized housing programs, with a separate waiting list for each program. These programs are the HCV program (Section 8) and the Moderate Rehabilitation Program. For these programs, rental assistance is provided to low income families and the assistance is based on gross annual household income.

How does the HCV Program work?

The HCV program provides “tenant-based” rental assistance to eligible families so they may obtain housing from private landlords. Once a voucher is issued, a voucher holder can lease a rental unit anywhere in ARHA’s jurisdiction, as long as the landlord’s rental unit is found to be decent, safe and sanitary and the rent is deemed reasonable. Once the tenant signs a lease and moves in they are required to meet at least annually with the HCV program to determine continued eligibility and amount of rent to be paid. The rental units are managed and maintained by HCV program landlords. However, they are inspected on at least an annual basis by ARHA to ensure that all units are being properly maintained by both the landlord and resident and that they continue to be decent, safe and sanitary.

Can I move to another jurisdiction and keep my voucher?

After the Tenant has been with ARHA for a specified amount of time and if funding is available, ARHA tenants can rent any where in the United States that has a HCV program. This is referred to as “portability”.

What is the Moderate Rehabilitation Program?

The HCV Moderate Rehabilitation Program includes apartment units in the Hopkins Tancil area of the City of Alexandria. This program is “Unit-Based”. Although it is administered like an HCV program case, assistance is based on the unit and not the individual via a voucher. A voucher is not issued. This means that assistance cannot be transferred to another unit. All moderate rehabilitation units are owned and managed by ARHA. If interested in this program you can download an application here. (LINK to Mod Rehab Application).

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for housing assistance, a family must meet HUD’s criteria for eligibility determination as well as criteria established by ARHA’s Section 8 department. The major eligibility factors are; income limits, family composition, U.S. citizenship and specified categories of non-citizens who have eligible immigration status, criminal check for drug related and/or violent criminal activity and prior Section 8 and/or Public Housing history. Also ARHA must take into account targeting income requirements. ARHA takes seriously its’ responsibility for admitting applicants that will respect the rights of other residents as well as the rules and regulations of the various housing programs

What are the current income limits?

The current income limits for the Housing Choice Voucher program eligibility are (these limits do not apply for the Public Housing Program):

Family Size

HCVP Income Limits

1 Person


2 Person


3 Person


4 Person


5 Person


6 Person


7 Person


8 Person


These income limits are for the year 2010 and the 2011 limits have yet to be posted. Until the new limits are posted by HUD these income limits will be used. For more information please go to,

How can I apply for housing assistance?

To download applications for an open waiting list please go to (LINK to APPLICATIONS). To request an application be forwarded to you or to pick up an application, call 703-549-7115 and the receptionist will direct your call to the appropriate department. Completed applications may be mailed to the following address:

Waiting List Manager


18 Roth Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

Applications may also be faxed to 703-370-2297. All applications received by mail, faxed or dropped off at ARHA will be reviewed for completeness. When an application is received by ARHA it is immediately dated and time stamped. Complete applications will generate the forwarding of a receipt acknowledging the acceptance of the application. Please make sure that applications are completely filled out with current information. Incomplete applications may lead to delays in processing and may be rejected all together.

How do I know where I am on the waiting list?

If an applicant wishes to know their waiting list position they must send a written request to the waiting list manager (address above). All requests must include a current address so that the waiting list manager can mail back the requested information.

How do I update my submitted application information?

To update information on a submitted application please mail the updated information along with the name of applicant to the waiting list manager at this address.

Waiting List Manager


18 Roth Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

Can I get assistance with filling out the application?

Assistance in filling out an application will be provided upon request. It is recommended that if assistance with the reading and/or writing of the application is needed that the applicant comes to the Housing Operations Department in person. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ask for assistance. ARHA staff will help anyone who wants to fill out an application. If the assistance is language based, that is, the applicant does not read or write either English or Spanish, it is recommended that the applicant bring an interpreter with them that can assist them with the application. At this time, ARHA can only provide assistance in English and/or Spanish.

Which Housing Programs currently have a Waiting List Open?



Currently, the following HCV administered waiting lists are open and are therefore taking applications.

Moderate Rehabilitation

The Ladrey High-Rise and Park Place (elderly and disabled only)

Jefferson Village and Quaker Hill (market rate)

To download these applications please go to (LINK to APPLICATIONS)




How can I apply for the HCV program’s housing assistance?

Currently ARHA’s HCV program is NOT accepting applications for housing assistance. However, when a date is decided upon to open the waiting list, this information will be posted on the ARHA website as well as other local media. 

Are there any other housing assistance programs within the HCV Program?

There is a specified amount of vouchers “set-a-side” to accommodate families that qualify for programs that the HCV program administers but does not maintain a waiting list for. These programs are: the Family Unification Program (FUP) and the Mental Health Program. Individuals and families are referred to these programs via the City of Alexandria’s Social Services Department.

Is there a special program for seniors and the disabled?

The HCV program does NOT provide special vouchers for seniors and those with disabilities. Preferences however are given to those that fall into these categories when a waiting list application for the HCV program is submitted (currently ARHA is not accepting applications for the HCV program). However, there are two (2) buildings owned and managed by ARHA that serve the elderly and disabled communities exclusively. The buildings are, The Ladrey Hi-Rise and Park Place. To be eligible for The Ladrey Hi-Rise, applicants must be at least 62 years of age and/or are disabled. For both properties, families are not admitted, however married couples are welcome. Whereas, The Ladrey High-Rise serves both the senior and disabled community, Park Place is primarily for the disabled. There is a separate waiting list for this community and this waiting list is always opened. Applications are available at the HCVP office on 18 Roth Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 or the application can be downloaded here. (LINK to Ladrey/Park Place Application)

Do you provide assistance for persons with disabilities?

YES. In addition to having a waiting list preference for persons with disabilities, and a housing assistance program for the disabled, ARHA provides “reasonable accommodation”. A “reasonable accommodation” is a change that can be made to a unit to allow persons with disabilities to have the same opportunity for safe, decent and affordable housing as any other applicant. A request for reasonable accommodation may be made anytime during the application or housing process. All requests must be submitted in writing.

Are there Market Rate units available through the HCV Program?

Both Jefferson Village and Quaker Hill are communities owned and managed by ARHA. Unlike subsidized programs, some units in these communities are available for those families who are able to pay pre-established amounts of rent which are comparable to current market rates. Applications for these units are available at the ARHA office 600 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 or the application can be downloaded here. (LINK to Jeff Vill/QH Application)

Does the HCV Department have a Public Housing Program?

No, the HCV department administers only the waiting list for this program. However, the PH program currently consists of approximately 20 apartment communities in the City of Alexandria that are managed and maintained by ARHA.  The following communities are: Andrew Adkins, James Bland, James Bland Additions, Samuel Madden Homes, Ramsey Homes, Chatham Square, Braddock Road, Whiting Street, Reynolds Street, Radford/Braddock Road Jefferson Village, Saxony Square, Quaker Hill, Glebe Park, Hopkins Tancil Court, Ladrey High Rise, Park Place and Scattered Sites I, II and III. Most of these communities but not all are located in the “Old Town” area of the City of Alexandria. Currently, the PH waiting list is closed and is NOT accepting applications,. For additional information about this program please go to (LINK to PH info).

Can voucher holders participate in a Home Ownership Program?

The HCV program does provide a Home Ownership program for eligible voucher holders. There are multiple requirements that must be met to be able to participate in this program. In general, voucher holders must be first time home buyers, they must meet income and employment requirements and they must be in good standing with the HCV program. Once accepted into the Home Ownership program, the home ownership coordinator works with the family to develop credit readiness, obtain loans, etc.