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Hello ARHA Resident,


As you may be aware, your property manager has selected a new and improved online payment solution, Zego.  Zego recently acquired RentTrack Payments and offers many of the same features of RentTrack and more!  Moving forward, you will no longer pay rent through RentTrack.


Your account has been moved automatically.  At this time, you will no longer be able to access RentTrack.  All scheduled payments to date have been processed.  Future payments will be processed with Zego.


If you opted into rent reporting while using RentTrack, your payments have been reported to the credit bureaus.  You will shortly see the tradeline closed on your credit profile.


To make payments directly on Zego, you may log in here with your same username and password.  In addition, any scheduled payments you had set up with RentTrack will also be set up at Zego.  


Read more information about Zego's online payment solution.

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