Alexandria Redevelopment & Housing Authority

Notes and Public Comments from:


"Asset Enhancement for Residents and Disadvantaged Businesses"

Challenges to Resident Ownership

Resident Ability to Purchase

  • Limited slots to programs
  • A Landlord must be willing to sell the property
  • Limitation on amount of escrow allowed
  • Assets counted as income
  • Credit worthiness of resident
  • Affordability
  • Down payment
  • Unit size availability
  • Changing qualification requirements


Factors in ARHA Homeownership Policy Decisions

  • Housing Authority must determine number of participants it can afford
  • ARHA must have the resources for additional participants
  • Preparation of residents must be incorporated
  • Recognition that Homeownership is not an answer for all
  • Counseling is needed along with mutual support
  • Restrictions on use of sale proceeds to preserve affordability
  • Must differentiate the program rules:
    • PH
    • HCVP
  • Sale of Public Housing would be a possible violation of Alexandria's Resolution 830
  • Exploration of Individual Development Accounts

Feasibility of Resident Ownership

  • Resident Affordability
  • Is it possible in Alexandria?

 Others ?

  • Determination of what wealth building process entails for ARHA residents?
    • Bank Accounts?


  • If resident sells, do they keep equity in home? (Yes)
  • Can a voucher be used to buy outside of Alexandria? (To be researched)
  • Should ARHA sell PH units?
  • Will ownership become more feasible for PH residents?

Challenges to Sec 3 & W/M/DBE Participation

Obstacles to Hiring and Training Area Low Income Residents

  • Skill levels needed by Contractors may be lacking in the resident population
  • Rent Disincentive where rent goes up as income increases

ARHA Goals and Policies

  • Business Incubators – is being considered at this time
  • Resident hiring - more being sought by ARHA
  • Encouraging the creation training programs regardless of whether they have the resources to hire
  • Training, mentoring, apprenticeship programs
  • ARHA needs to create a an internal pool of possible candidates for training
  • Pool of trainees by ARHA
  • ARHA can ask residents for their interest in training programs during recertification
  • The Issue of measuring outcomes needs to be addressed


Obstacles to Contracting with Sec 3 & W/M/DBEs Capacity

  • Short term nature of work
  • Certification of workers
  • Risks for ARHA

Methods to Generate Sec 3 & W/M/DBE Participation

  • Networking with local resources
  • Improve marketing to the business entities
  • Improve the business entity marketability
  • Provide support mechanism for existing businesses
  • Consider Microenterprise lending

Other Questions/ Concerns

  • How does ARHA deal with the liability of home businesses?
  • Can residents be used to assist ARHA and have the time and work credited to community service time?
  • Will ARHA Public Housing have an FSS program?
  • Do we know who the minority businesses are?
  • Consider Joblink Networking? Self Sufficiency?
  • What if a housing authority does not make a good faith effort to contract with Sec 3 groups?
  • Are HUD goals appropriate for ARHA?
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